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Browse our collection of videos designed to help you understand your insurance better. Get the information you need to answer commonly asked questions, learn about your options, and find out how insurance works to protect what matters most to you.

Tips and Tricks
Common Insurance Mistakes

Common mistakes when reviewing your insurance plan.

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Safety tips to make your holiday the best it can be.

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Halloween Safety Tips

Tips to avoid an insurance nightmare.

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Lower Your Auto Insurance Policy

Tips for lowering your auto insurance costs.

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Winter Safety Tips for the Road

Tips on prepping your vehicle for the winter.

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Protecting Your Jewelry

Tips on how to secure your jewelry with proper care and coverage.

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Don’t Daydream and Drive

Explaining the dangers of daydreaming while driving.

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General Knowledge and Claims
Key Insurance Terms | Part 1

Terms we think you’ll find beneficial in understanding your policy.

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Key Insurance Terms | Part 2

More terms we think you’ll find beneficial in understanding your policy.

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How to File a Homeowners Claim

Procedures and responsibilities during the claims process.

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Car Accidents and the Claims Process

Steps to help guide you through a collision claim.

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Don’t Get Bitten by Claims

Info and tips on costly dog bite claims.

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Personal Insurance
Creating a Home Inventory

How to create a home inventory for your policy.

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Teenage Drivers

Some tips to keeping your teenage driver safe and sound.

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Rental Cars, Insurance, and You

Confused when it comes to rental car insurance? Don’t be anymore.

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Flood Insurance Essential Coverage

Don’t wait until it’s too late; protect your belongings.

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Coverage for College Dorm Life

Campus crime happens more than you think, learn more.

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Why do I Need Renters Insurance?

Find out why renters insurance is a must if you rent your home.

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The Value of an Umbrella Policy

Protects you when your standard limits are maxed out.

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Business Insurance and Cyber Safety
Product Recall Insurance

The importance of product recall insurance for manufacturers.

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What is Builders Risk Coverage?

Learn how to protect buildings and structures under construction.

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What is EPLI?

A brief description of EPLI and the protection it provides.

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Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs

See some of the ways you can help control skyrocketing costs.

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Business Interruption Coverage

One of the most important coverages to have for your business.

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Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

Protect your business should a cyber attack occur.

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Why Cyber Liability?

A breach in data security can put you at financial risk.

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